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The University of Picardie Jules Verne (UPJV) has just celebrated its fortieth anniversary. Since its creation, it has had to face a double challenge: promote its teaching and research missions, while developing vocational courses in connection with the labour market. It is composed of 18 units and 32 laboratories, in 6 campuses all over Picardy. International relationships have been a priority in UPJV’s development strategy, mainly because its network of partnerships with foreign universities has kept growing, but also because UPJV takes part in major foreign exchange projects, and is a member of the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie.

The Faculty of Arts is composed of three departments: the department of Visual Arts (“Arts Plastiques”), the department of Performing Arts, and the department of Art History. Based on the new premises of “La Teinturerie” in Amiens since 2003, the Faculty of Arts is a roomy place filled with light for about a thousand students. With its high standards of teaching and research, the College of Arts issues the following national diplomas: B.A., M.A., and PhD.

The Research Centre in Arts and Aesthetics (CRAE) leads and coordinates research activities within the College.

Faculty’s and CRAE’s activities within the Out of the Blue project: The textile and fashion department of the College of Arts of the Brighton University proposes to produce blue fabrics, some of which will be shipped to us, the design and making of garments with these fabrics, a preparatory fashion show on 4 th /04/14, a symposium on woad blue on 13 th /06/14, followed by the official fashion show in the evening.

In response to these proposals, the College of Arts of Amiens and the Research Centre in Arts and Aesthetics (CRAE) propose to join students and teachers into several cross-border projects, of cultural, artistic and/or scientific natures.

  • Media coverage of the preparatory fashion show on 04th/04/14
    - Photographic report with the British students’ garments in the streets of Brighton (Fred Boucher’s group)
    - Video coverage of the fashion show (Alain Della Negra’s group)
    - Strip cartoon report on the whole trip in a narrative line (Justin Wadlow’s group)

  • Aesthetic analyses and artistic creations for an exhibition in Brighton on 13th/06/14:
    - Sculptures from the blue fabrics made by the British students (Ghislaine Vappereau’s group) ;
    - Studies and analysis of the blue colour in painting, followed with practice drawing of designs with plant-based inks, the said designs being later used in a ceramics artistic workshop (one group alternately supervised by Valérie Dalmasso, Hélène Naty and Stéphanie Smalbeen)
    - Blue monochromatic photographs using the Cyanotype method (Sylvie Gosselin’s group)
    - Design and making of artists’ books, in relation with the colour blue (Jean-François Robic’s group)
    - Setting up of spaces and installations around the question: “what is blue?” (Fabien Lerat’s group)

  • Art History research :
    - Chromatic inventory of blue-marked architectural buildings in Brighton and Amiens (Simon Texier’s research group)
    - “Gothic icons of the land of plenty: the statues of the woad-dyers on the cathedral of Amiens”, a paper for the symposium on 13th/06/14 (Etienne Hamon’s research).

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