You will find below links in relationship to our project Out of the blue-Woad : artists blogs, videos, complementary information, etc.

Artists’ blogs

Stig Evans, mystic-mauve-2

Artist in residency at Fabrica in 2013. He also created artworks for Royal pavilion and Musée de Picardie. All thoses interventions are gathered in the blog below :


Alinah Azadeh, The Gifts (2010), Photo: Sogand Bahram

Artist in residency at Fabrica in 2014, she sums up in a blog her interventions in the fame of Interreg projects Out of the blue-Woad and Time and Place

Blog of the musician Scott Smith during his residency at Fabrica in 2013 :

Blog of the Brighton’s and Amiens’ students

Students of the Faculty of arts of Brighton, University of Brighton, and student of the Faculty of arts of Amiens, University Picardiy Jules-Verne, share on this platform their researches and work in progress. Those creations will be showed in Brighton the 13th of June during a Fashion Show et during the opening week-end of the festival “Art, cities and landscape – Hortillonnages Amiens 2014” the 28th and 29th of June.

Print Team – Nicole Lin & Narissa Davidson

Links to projects of the Royal Pavilion

Dedicated to colours, blue and to the out of the blue-Woad project

  • Illuminated Palace, Royal Pavilion November 2013 : Facebook gallery
  • Film about graffities in the Royal Pavilion, by Stig Evans, artist on youtube
  • Information about colour in the Royal Pavilion : read the page
The Illuminated Palace

Project of Fabrica Gallery

The Blue Route – Kaarina Kaikkonen – 2013

The Blue Route – Fabrica – 2013

Making off film of the artwork and interview of the artist Kaarina Kaikkonen.


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