Alinah Azadeh, an artist from Amiens during one week

Alinah Azadeh british / iranian artist was last week in Amiens to unveil her work to the visitors of the Musée de Picardie and to the Ile Perdu (e). “All is not lost” is the artwork she has created with a team of inspired and dynamic students from the Faculty of Art –UPJV of Amiens.

 “All is not lost” is currently showed at the museum and on the Ile Perdu (e) (“Lost Island”) in the Hortillonnages, during the festival “Art, cities and Landscapes”. (28 June-12 October 2014)

An uncommon artwork

Alinah Azadeh like to play on the scale and the representation of her works within the space. Usually, her work is not set down, but hanged for a better perception, that is why she mentioned that this artwork ios “one of the easiest to install”. But before to achieve the work, Alinah and the students produced the work during ten days, to assembly all the parts of the installation. Hours of works writing poems, wrapping the scrolls … With the six students, Alinah could work and give them a part of her knowledge and experience, to share the success of a common project.

Rewarding for everyone

Artists, students, observers, all will learn from theis work. The students who volunteered for this project are delighted : “we were invited to do this small internship at the end of the year, and I jumped straight to it”, murmured Cecilia. “Yes, it was a great experience working with Alinah, she has been very kind to us and it gives a good practice” explain a student at the opening of the festival “Art, cities and Landscape”. On her side, the professional artist had the pleasure to work with students from the region, on top of perfecting her French (already excellent, editorial note)

On the tourists and onlookers’ side, it will be possible to discover this installation in two completely different spaces : the Musée de Picardie and a garden in the Hortillonnages. Poems, maxims, lyrical quotes are written on the scrolls, and the visitors of the Ile Perdu(e) are invited to take a scroll back home. The shape of the artwork will thus be always different, according to the period of visit. Visible in her integrity at the opening, half take off or totally disappeared; “All is not lost” will offer a different face at each passing. And all it will remain is a line of poetry…


You want more ? read the letter Alinah Azadeh addressed to the visitors:


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