Cyanose. Report by Juliette, intern at Musée de Picardie

Cyanose is a 5 students’ exhibition playing about blue. For some of them, blue will evoke the sea, the eye or even the Bobbies uniforms. Each one is free to see what they want in this colour. By the way this is what 20 students of UPJV have done: they had been asked the following question : “What is blue ?” Among the 25 created works, only 5 of it have been selected to be part of the exhibition Cyanose, in the frame of the European “out of the blue-Woad” project. The exhibition lasts only one week, from the 1st to the 8th of December at Musée de Picardie. A twin exhibition gathering more student’s works is organized from the 4th to the 16th December at Space Camille Claudel.

I choose to present you 2 artworks among the five of the exhibition..

Vincent Barbier, 23 years old, has chosen to represent blue through a visual and audio installation. Indeed, the young artist has built a kind of platform made of wooden sticks he fixed with glue, then, in a smooth plank, he cut a circle, filled with a survival blanket, stretched as a tom-tom skin. His installation is also made of two speakers linked to a tablet and a projector, which lightens the membrane and projects a reflection on the wall. When speakers are working, we can hear the synthetic noise of falling water drops. The sound makes the air vibrating, and makes the survival blanket vibrating; this is how we can see the light reflection moving like water. The sound is quite loud, as least enough to make the blanket vibrating. It expresses a very deep and profound sensation, as if we were connected to the artwork. Water 2.0 is showed at the first floor, in the Galerie du Dôme.

Thibaut Grimoux, 22 years old, has chosen an unusual way of showing blue, by creating sculptures made of potatoes. The artist has chosen to represent a troop of small men dressed in beret and blue tops, a woad blue precisely. His little troop can make us think about a marine company or about Bobbies, a wink to our partners from Brighton, knowing that according to his text in the booklet, the only places in United Kingdom where woad is still grown, are two farms which production is used to dye the bobbies’ uniforms.

You can discover the other artworks of the exhibition Cyanose through the photos.

Juliette, Year 10, at Collège Ponthieux, Abbeville.


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