Into the Blue

6 July 2013 – 31 August 2014
Hove Museum & Art Gallery

Into the Blue - Butterfly.

A child and family-friendly exploration of the colour blue, using objects drawn from Royal Pavilion & Museums collections. Follow the exhibition trail through our Natural Science, World Art, Decorative Art and Fine Art collections and learn some fascinating and surprising facts about all things blue.

Into the Blue - Feathers.

Explore history, science and art through birds and beasts, plants and pigments, rocks and reptiles.

A few highlights for your visit: Discover why there are no blue mammals, which animals have the best eyesight and just how blue dyes and pigments are extracted from plants and minerals. Plus many more weird and wonderful blue facts!

Into the Blue - Beetles.
Into the Blue - Turquoise.

The partners from Amiens came to visit the exhibition "Into the Blue" at the Hove Museum and took a few pictures. Discover them here:

Blue birds. From left to right , 3 species of passerine birds: Eastern Bluebird, Cayenne Chatterer and Banded Chatterer.
Finery made of peacock feathers
Focus on a piece of velvet from Benoit-Toscan studio, France, dyed with woad.
In the shop.

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