Preserving the heritage

During their visit in Amiens a couple of days, students of the University of Brighton stopped by to the Toscan studios, before to coming back on the other side of the Channel. It was the perfect opportunity to meet Germain and his fabric situated on the surroundings of Amiens. There, they work with woad like nobody.

During a one hour tour, Germain Benoit explained passionately his work on cloth, velvet and woad.

A “savoir-faire” unequalled

Originally from the Flanders and a family of factury owners, Germain wished to turn to art and cultural history. Once settled in Amiens, he understood the interest of woad and its qualities, and encompassed it in his activities.

No one would accomplish this work and a lot of machines are to be found only there. One of it were conceived by Germain’s grandfather, to stretch and dry the fabrics. After being trained by his father Yves, velvet embosser, Germain Benoît perpetuate on the family traditions, managing the historic velvet fabric Benoit-Toscan (since 1881) situated in Querrieu, Picardie. He git it in his veins, this velvet love “it is a question of feeling, of perception”. Now Master of art for the Ministry of Culture, he knows the quality of his velvet … with eyes closed !

Quality, yes it is. The Musée de Picardie hasn’t mistaken on this, and ordered velvet dyed in woad to restore the chairs of the museum’s attendants. The woad will continue to spread the fame of Amiens !


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