Trip to Brighton : faculty of arts

About fifty students from Amiens, accompanied by their professors and some joint partners from Amiens, went to Brighton in April 2014. The schedule was busy discovering the city, visiting the faculty of arts of Brighton, attending the FaT (Fashion and Textile show) of the first and second year students of Brighton, visiting the Royal Pavilion, meeting Jacob Dahlgren ... It has been condensed and dynamic !

Here is a first reportage of our trip, dedicated to the visit of the faculty of arts of Brighton.

Bienvenue ! The Brighton’s students and Caterina Radvan welcome us, and guide us in the faculty through the different studios and workshops.

We begin with the Fashion studio, where the students are checking the last details of their outfits, before the show of the very evening : the FaT.

Then we discover the print textile studio. The students are being friendly and explain their work ; we are delighted by all those colours !

Afterwards we go to the knitt studios, which contain a whole range of looms, from the most simple as here (and it is already complex !) to the most intricate. There is also an industrial knitting machine, only used by the fourth year students.

Then we visit the engraving and lithography workshops

And the single painting studios

We go after at the metal workshop, you can see objects made in copper, and the plastics studio, by which we finish this great tour !

[Translate to English:] Un défilé de mode

We thank the Brighton’s students and their professors for this tour. And thank you to our reporters, Helène Parain and Justin Wadlow for the photos !


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